At an Appointment

Your appointment will be for approximately half an hour. A full medical case history is taken regarding both your current complaint and your general health.  You will normally then be examined and most likely be asked to remove some of your clothing and perform simple movements to demonstrate the mobility of the area affected.


The osteopath will then use a developed sense of touch known as palpation to examine and identify where your problem may be coming from.  Sometimes it may be necessary to refer patients for further tests (e.g. blood tests or X-rays) which would normally done through your GP.


The osteopath will explain what has been found and answer any questions you might have and as appropriate carry out treatment.


Age or illness should in general be no barrier to treatment as it is always designed around the individual who is sitting in the treatment room at any time.  If you are nervous and wish to bring a family member or friend with you to an appointment you are always welcome to do so.